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Internet of Things

By establishing an RFID system for improvements in consistency of information between plants,
logistics hubs, stores, and systems, our IoT aims to enhanced reliability of logistics flow and create
a foundation for continuous growth by securing accurate inventory management.

RFID Management System
Radio-Frequency Identification

air-RFID is an operation system with intelligent optimization. It collects data for monitoring, predictive control, and intelligent analysis and evaluation of possible anomalies by utilizing IoT/RFID in Smart Factories and Smart Logistics Management System.

Hankook Networks –RFID Management System, air-RFID, RFID System for Fashion & Clothing

Benefits of Implementation

RFID Management System Benefits of Implementation
Work Task Prior to Implementation After Implementation
Production Orders
  • Excel file for workorders and daily production entry
  • Information sharing through e-mail
  • Add work orders on RFID WEB
  • Automatic daily production entry/confirmation during
    packaging inspection using RFID PDA
Production Inspection & Packing List
  • Sample inspection from target volume
  • Preparation of packing list by hand
  • E-mail
  • Transmitted to the web after all boxes are inspected
    using RFID PDA
  • Confirmation of packing list on RFID WEB
    (checking quantity of products per box)
Inbound Logistics
  • Sample inspection from inbound volume
  • Inspection for all inbound targets by packages at RFID Gate
  • Confirmation of products and quantity
Outbound Logistics
  • Confirmation of the total volume packed per box (not confirmable if swing tags and care labels are inconsistent)
  • Shipping after all boxes are attached with weight stickers
  • Inspection for all outbound targets by packages at RFID Gate
  • Information collection of box weight, products, quantity
Inbound to Shops
  • Confirmation of products with the statement of account after opening each box
  • Confirmation of products using RFID PDA
    (reduced time and personnel required for inspection)
Return from Shops
  • Return list creation, product packing, and individual barcode scan
  • Scanning returning products in boxes by packages suing RFID PDA
Location Check
  • Search products on the system and check in warehouse
  • Easy location confirmation of inventory by entering and scanning a product number on RFID PDA
  • Individual barcode scan (possible double scanning error)
  • Scan in close range using RFID PDA

Benefits of System Establishment

For Logistics Center
  • From manual to automated logistics management
  • Seamless, advanced RFID I/O logistics system
  • Prevention of inaccurate logistic information, loss of manpower and time
For Shops
  • Product management in conjunction with inventory management system
  • Foundation for cutting-edge shop infrastructure
  • Improved service with reduced work for sales personnel
  • Confidence and sales opportunities between the shop and the head office
For System Linkage & Optimization
  • Real-time information sharing between relational systems across the business
  • Establishment of comprehensive monitoring system for quantity information
  • Improve accuracy of inventory information by synchronizing information with actual products through real-time reporting between manufacturing plants, logistics centers, and stores
Hankook Networks –RFID Management System, air-RFID, Benefits of System Establishment


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