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IT Outsourcing

We provide a new ICT service with know-hows from various
IT operation and system integration.

IT Service for the Best Process

Based on our know-hows from diverse IT operations and system integration, we provide new values and opportunities to our customers while leading new ICT services through digital innovation technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Smart Factory.

Hankook Networks – IT Outsourcing Consulting, ERP/PLM/MES/Groupware/IT Infra/Cloud

IT Outsourcing Consulting

Through the accumulated know-hows from IT operations, we recommend a system integration/operation methods on application/IT infra services optimized for each customer. We provides a consulting service that suggests efficient and stable IT operations.

Hankook Networks – IT Service for the Best Process, IT Outsourcing Consulting


  • Various know-hows on integration/operations
  • Environmental diagnosis consulting for stable IT operation
  • Consulting for service and system integration through evaluation
  • System optimization consulting for efficient outsourcing

Application Integration / Operation

Based on the accumulated experience, technology, and experts with Hankook Technology Group’s 20 years of experience in operating an information system, we have integrated technology into Biz to provide new values and distinguished IT Outsourcing service to customer’s entire business.

Hankook Networks – IT Outsourcing, Application Integration / Operation

Major Service Areas

Provides integration/operation services based on ERP/PLM/MES backbone systems for extended systems such as marketing, quality assurance, EDI, etc.

Operates systems in various areas such as general management, R&D, marketing, logistics/warehouse, etc.
Realizes and provide operation services for Biz Process based on SAP ERP
Provides groupware system and operation service for group collaboration
Supports changes in business process with optimized service through IT systems
Manufacturing System
Provides operation and integration services for manufacturing systems, such as Global MES, manufacturing planning, facility management, quality assurance, etc.
Provides analytical support and operational services for R&D backbone systems, such as PLM, test management, layout plan management, analytical management, HPC, etc.

IT Infra Integration / Operation

We provide know-hows for reliable IT infrastructure operation services to build server/network infrastructure in diverse environments such as server integration/virtualization/cloud/backup infrastructure, and by building the optimal IT environment for your business performance.

Hankook Networks – IT Outsourcing, IT Infra Integration / Operation

Major Service Areas

Based on the experiences of various operating environments (IDC/Cloud/overseas network) in ERP/research/production/logistics/sales, we provide services such as capacity calculation, monitoring, performance management, backup management, failure management, and IT compliance.

Infra (IDC / Cloud)
  • Managed by SE (system engineer) experts with thorough knowledge in servers, storages, SAN, networks, and security devices and IDC, cloud (AWS, Azure) infra etc.
  • Provides technical support and infra environment for server integration, virtualization, cloud conversion, U2L, etc. after establishing a new system and analysing and reviewing of the operating system
  • Trouble shooting and basic operation , such as DB engine management, monitoring for performance and faulty components, object managements, backup/restoration, etc.
  • System analysis from various angles to improve the performance of database, such as trend analysis of data usage, various statistical analysis, etc.
  • Operates open source WEB/WAS, such as Apache, Jboss, etc., as well as commercial software, such as Weblogic, JEUS, Websphere, etc.
SAP Infra
  • Supports operational services, such as ERP hardware sizing, composing interface of the entire system, managing users and licenses, monitoring and tuning performance, connecting to external interfaces, etc.
Network Management Service
  • Global network management
  • Wireless authentication network
  • Network and security system operation between headquarters and offices


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