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Intelligent Sensor

Hankook Networks provides intelligent sensor technology that
is capable of Edge Computing to your system.

Edge Computing

We research and develop technologies for wireless intelligent sensors that enable Edge Computing and provide the best technology applicable to the field, such as manufacturing/logistics processes.

Hankook Networks – Intelligent Sensor, Edge Computing
Hankook Networks


  1. Intelligent Edge Sensor Module
    • Continuous data collection from sensors
      attached to local facilities
    • Attachment of up to 4 sensors
    • Operation of local malfunction detection
      algorithms in modules → Separate processing
      of suspicious data
  2. Intelligent Gateway
    • Processes data collected from intelligent
      sensor module
    • Collects data from multiple intelligent sensor modules
    • Malfunction detection algorithm
  3. Intelligent Cloud
    • Detection algorithms based on all data stored in the cloud (server)
    • Manages data integration and provides precise analytics services

System Configuration

Hankook Networks – Intelligent Sensor Technology, System Configuration, Sensor node, Gateway, Server, Applications
Sensor node

A sensor node measures vibration signals from the target facility, and is equipped with a processor that allows software addition, carrying out a variety of abnormal detection algorithms.

  • Detection and measurement of vibration frequencies (Sampling rate ≥ 10,000 Hz)
  • Detection of changes in RPM using SPOT algorithm (short-period malfunction detection)
  • Transmission of vibration signals and RPM changes to the gateway

Using NVIDIA Jetson Board, it provides a in-depth analysis of vibration signals transmitted from the sensor nodes.

  • Mounted with deep learning-based vibration signal analytical module; decision making by considering data from multiple sensors and aspects
  • Depending on the decision, vibration data is measured at a higher frequency from the time of abnormality detection, aiding the operator in further analysis of the data.

ex) When abnormal signals are transmitted from
a specific sensor node, other signals from related
sensor nodes, in addition to initial abnormal signals,
are also analyzed to determine if a facility is


  • Jointed developed with KAIST
  • Processes data where it is created
  • Real-time data processing without waiting-time
    (processing function for distributed server level data)
  • Analyses data where it is located
  • 3-Level Data Processing
  • High expandability as an IoT device
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  • Hankook Networks – Edge Computing 02
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  • Hankook Networks – Edge Computing 05
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