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The Internet of Things will bring about many changes and opportunities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
and expand the ability of object recognition based on RFID technology, which is the core element and foundation of IoT.
Hankook Networks will provide RFID technology optimized for solutions to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Providing efficient communication technology between systems

In order to establish a successful RFID system, such as production
process control, sales, distribution, inventory control, and logistics
management, we provide integrated and optimized solutions that
enable establishment and application of a stable and expandable
system that suits our customer's reality in a short period of time.

Hankook Networks – RFID Technology, Business Strategy, System Sync-Management, Hardware, System
  • Consulting Strategy
    • Maximized ROI in IT Investment
    • Integrated consulting on the mold management process, code standardization/integration system establishment
    • Reconsideration of business continuity by securing the connectivity of existing systems
  • System Sync-Management
    • Synchronization of machinery system, such ERP/MES/POP, PLC facilities, counters, D I/O, etc.
    • Proposal for improving management efficiency by securing management accuracy
    • Provides a variety of task templates, such as data collection/generation/integration/standardization/attachment
  • Hardware
    • Provides pre-performance analytic test data for selecting optimized hardware for customers
    • Develops and provides direction for hardware products that meet customer needs
    • Provides the best products, such as RFID TG, fixed RFID reader, portable RFID reader, RFID printer, etc.
  • System
    • Development and supply of middleware system optimized for barcodes/RFID/IoT
    • Provides a framework where screen/data/business logic are separated
    • Aggregation and analysis technology for analytical statistics
Hankook Networks


  • RFID Tag Development
    Hankook Networks – RFID Technology [Attachable RFID Tag on tires] Attachable RFID Tag on tires
  • RFID-Tag-applied Products
    Hankook Networks – RFID Technology [RFID Gate Equipment Production] RFID Gate Equipment Production
    Hankook Networks – RFID Technology [RFID TAG] RFID TAG
  • Analysis of radio
    wave environment
    Hankook Networks – RFID Technology [Analysis of RFID-wave environment] Analysis of RFID-wave environment


  • Manufacturing Management

    Inbound-outbound of material, intermediate products, processing, shipping history of products

  • Logistics Management

    Tracking products, and shipping and history information for products

  • Apparel Shop Management

    Intelligent management for stolen goods, illegal distribution, inventory, etc.

  • Property/Facility Management

    Asset lifecycle management, such as properties, articles, registration of equipment, product investigation, moving, etc.

  • Entry-Exit Records Management

    Entry-exit records management of personnel and equipment

  • Special Goods Management

    Real-time temperature and humidity management