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Intelligent Logistics is applicable to a variety of industry and
provides an efficient SCM operating system.

Management System

air-WMS is a Web-based warehouse management solution for flexible management of warehouse tasks such as incoming and outcoming shipments, storage, storing, stock allocation, and pick-ups at the distribution center through convenient and comprehensive functions.

Hankook Networks –  Warehouse Management System, air-WMS


  • Multi-language support

    Complete support anywhere for all PC and user

  • Features for defining strategies & DECISION TREE

    Setting and applying strategies per warehouse/customer/product in task process

  • Setting for Value Added Task Flow

    Control of user-defined tasks that vary per warehouse/customer/product by steps

  • 3D Monitoring for real-time optimization of logistics

    Inventory information that enables 3D monitoring for loading and unloading shipments, stowage, pick-ups, packaging in real-time

  • Excellent ERP network and mutual inventory synchronization

    Defined and standardized process flow via mapping set-up between ERP’s movement type and WMS document type

Hankook Networks –  Warehouse Management System, Optimized Global Solution, Strategic Setting Per Task, Task Flow Setting, Real-Time 3D Monitoring, ERP linked
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