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Based on our experience and know-hows in establishing various logistics systems,
we provide optimized logistics facilities for customers through analysis, design,
manufacturing, installation, and test-runs of logistics automation.

The Best Logistics System

Based on our extensive experience and know-hows in establishing integrated logistics systems for various customers, we provide the best consulting and engineering services for logistics automation. We also offer the convergence synergy of software and hardware with a complete line-up of optimized logistics facilities to supply for designing, installation, and operation.

Hankook Networks – Logistics Automation

Warehouse Automation

Through the use of various automation facilities from manufacturing to storage, a large number of storage materials are safely and efficiently stored in a limited space to perform inventory, ensuring inventory and quality control through real-time inventory management and connection to higher-level systems.

Hankook Networks – Logistics Automation, Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Types

Rack Building
Racks for the basic structure of the warehouse where panels are attached to the ceiling and walls
Unit Rack
A stand-alone warehouse


  • Consistent warehouse management through automation
  • Increase in storage efficiency
  • Real-time inventory management
  • First-in-first-out automation
  • Prevention of negligent workplace accidents through unmanning your warehouse
  • Pleasant work environment and reduction in fixed costs

Automated Facilities at Distribution Center

In conjunction with the logistics information system, storage, distribution, processing, forwarding and delivery functions form the key facilities of the logistics hub for improving the level and competitiveness of logistics services. This is a logistics automation system that provides fast and accurate pick-up and delivery services of various kinds and small quantities of goods to customers through ordering and purchasing services on online/offiline omni-channel.

Hankook Networks – Logistics Automation, Automated Facilities at Distribution Center


  • Work-time reduction due to increased throughput
  • Decrease in size of workforce, and prevention of incorrect sorting with automated sorting

Objective per Operation

Transfer Center(TC)
Passing logistics center as a transportation hub for distribution
Distribution Center(DC)
Storage logistic center as a transportation hub for storage and distribution
Process Distribution Center(PDC)
Storage/processing logistics center with storage and processing/assembly functions

Objective per Industry

For Distributors
Located midway between manufacturing and retail Provides shipping services of various manufacturers’ products to customers
For Manufacturers
Stores and maintains manufactured goods from various manufacturing plants Allows direct response to customer orders as a functional logistic center
For Third-Party Logistics
Logistics center for businesses specializing in distribution that offer shipping services

Letter/Parcel Logistics Automation

It provides a solution that accurately fulfills all conditions for performance, integrated processing, safe processing, and expandability. For mail/parcel logistics automation, which requires complexity and high throughput due to lack of standardization of cargo, we provide a solution with a number of technologies and corporate process parameters that meets performance, process integration, process stability, and scalability requirements.

Hankook Networks – Logistics Automation, Letter/Parcel Logistics Automation

Composition of System

  • Inbound system capable of processing large amounts of articles
  • High-speed automatic classification system for high throughput
  • Multiple divisions maximize loading amount
  • Double control system for stable sorting


  • Work-time reduction due to increased throughput
  • Decrease in number of workers and prevention of incorrect sorting with automated sorting
  • Increase in operational efficiency with the optimized allocation by division

Process Line Logistics Automation

From warehousing materials to manufacturing and storage, the automated facilities are introduced to support quick and accurate logistics connection between processing.

Hankook Networks – Logistics Automation, Process Line Logistics Automation


  • Flexible response to changes in capacity due to the increasing goods volume
  • Instant understanding of the pross status
    (performance, history)
  • Responses to forecasting
  • Consistent capacity of operation
  • Decision making for the balance of future supply and demand
  • Improvements in responses to orders


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