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We connect all devices in your plant to provide process optimization
with manufacturing-related information in real time.

Execution System

MES is a comprehensive manufacturing information system that actively contributes to the operation of your business. It is an integrated manufacturing information system in real-time that aggregates data across production from orders to final products in real time, provides statistical analysis data, and actively contributes to corporate management by supporting rational production (command, control) and quality innovation activities.

Hankook Networks – Manufacturing Execution System, MES, POP System, Mobile, Monitoring
  • MES
    • System management
    • Master data management
    • Manufacturing plan and work order management
    • Manufacturing process management
    • Logistics process management
    • Traceability management
  • POP System
    • Field management
  • Mobile
    • Manufacturing process management
    • Manufacturing performance management
    • Inventory management
    • Shipping management
    • Announcements
    • Emergency Contacts
  • Monitoring
    • Urgent reports on manufacturing
    • Process monitoring
    • Announcements
    • Welcome Board


  • Realization of Optimized Manufacturing Management System

    Creates a synergic effect via consolidation of relational systems

    Realizes standardization of tasks and improvement in productivity based on systems

    Realizes quality improvement through statistical quality management

    Promises a flexible system in consideration of facility expansion

  • Realization of Information-Oriented System

    Promises competitive edge in product quality

    Flawless synchronization with relational systems (ERP, WMS, APS)

    Establishes a manufacturing planning system centered around delivery due dates

    Promises reliability of field data (daily, monthly)

    Provides a production-analysis function

Hankook Networks – Manufacturing Execution System, air-MES, Optimized Manufacturing Management System
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