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Hankook Networks – Smart Logistics System air-WMS
WMS Optimized Logistics-Operation Support Smart Logistics System
Warehouse Management System

air-WMS is an intelligent system for the complex logistics environments that is a role-based system applicable to various businesses and industries,

enabling accurate and efficient warehouse management and flexible logistics operation.

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Hankook Networks – CMS
CMS AI-based Facility Inspection CMS, Predictive Maintenance System for Facility Management Condition Monitoring System

CMS predicts any abnormalities in facilities with predictive technology for facility failure analysis and malfunction detection through intelligent wireless sensor modules and AI algorithms.

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MES Support for Optimized Production MES, Smart Manufacturing Management System Manufacturing Execution System

Applicable to various businesses including food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, MES allows efficient manufacturing management with accurate, real-time data from receiving orders to the end of the manufacturing process.

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Hankook Networks – MES
Hankook Networks – RFID
RFID Core Technology for Entering the Hyper-Connective Society RFID Management System

air-RFID can be applied to the Smart Factory or logistics management system to provide real-time data on manufacturing and distribution, offering a systematic product management such as tracking and record keeping.

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Hankook Networks – Logistics Automation
Providing Optimized Logistics Automation System, Logistics Automation

Based on our extensive experience and know-hows in building various logistics systems, Logistics Automation provides optimized logistics facilities that suit the need of our customers through analysis, designing, manufacturing, installation, and test-runs.

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Hankook Networks
Our work is on going Edge Computing Technology

Through joint R&D of wireless intelligent sensor technology with KAIST, we provide the best technology that can be effectively used in the manufacturing/logistics work-fields.

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