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Legal/Intellectual Property Management

We strengthen your competitive advantage in Legal/Intellectual Property Management
with an effective work management system.

Cloud-Legal/Patent Management

We provide an effective environment for legal and intellectual property management through Internet Cloud anytime, anywhere in the Cloud.

Hankook Networks – Cloud-Legal/Patent Management, air-CLELMS CLIPS, Internet, Multi Device, Virtualization

Special Solution

  • Agreement Management
    • Register/edit/delete master agreements
    • Management of progress status and history
    • Management (record-keeping) of signed contracts
    • Additional (detailed) information per agreement
  • Advisory Management
    • Legal advisory FAQ
    • Management of consultation status and history
    • Search for consultation per type
    • Additional (detailed) information per consultation
  • Litigation Management
    • Basic information of litigation
    • Information of instance on litigation
    • Management of additional (detailed) information per instance
    • Information of litigation settlement
  • Intellectual Property Management
    • Term (expiry) of intellectual property
    • Patents/utility models, designs, trademarks
    • Data records per level
    • Basic bibliography
  • Bulletin Board
    • Announcements per business
    • Documentation per business
    • Q&A per business
    • HelpDesk per business
  • System Management
    • Standard information (users, codes, etc.)
    • Authorization level per individual or per company
    • Solution selection function
    • Management of process/IF

Basic Solution

Schedule and allocation management Menu management Multilanguage Client license management History of use Resources User Registration Statistics of research
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