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Legal/Intellectual Property Management

We strengthen your competitive advantage in Legal/Intellectual Property Management
with an effective work management system.

Intellectual Property System

air-IPS supports the systematic management and analysis/evaluation of intellectual property owned by your business. It also assists in decision-making on intellectual property and R&D through a series of information management from invention to rights-ification.

Hankook Networks – Intellectual Property System, air-IPS
  • Strengthens competitiveness in intellectual property via establishing a standardized business process
  • Realizes a paperless system via intellectual property management system and improves quality in intellectual property business
  • Creates a synergic effect via company-wide sharing and utilization of information on intellectual property
  • Establishes a new system with easier user accessibility and utilization
  • Enhances efficient and strategic intellectual property business and creates more intellectual property that contributes to the benefits of your business


  • Enhances business efficiency by establishing information aggregation system through process standardization
  • Realizes strategic business management by developing and managing patents
  • Prevents disputes through review and analysis of official reports
  • Reduces costs on planning by preventing of overlapped research, unnecessary applications, registrations, and extension of patent rights
Hankook Networks – Intellectual Property System, air-IPS
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