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We connect all devices in your plant to provide process optimization
with manufacturing-related information in real time.

Good Manufacturing Practice Manufacturing Execution System

GMP MES is an execution system for good manufacturing practice. As a specialized MES solution against GMP-based regulation laws for pharmaceutical/cosmetic manufacturing, it contributes to your business’s operation by providing flexible actions against regulations on GMP and FDA21 CFR Part 11, satisfying the conditions for CSV (Computer System Validation), and strengthening your business’s competitiveness in both manufacturing and product quality.

Hankook Networks –  Good Manufacturing Practice Manufacturing Execution System, GMP MES
    • System management
    • Master Data management
    • Manufacturing records management
    • Work order management
    • Manufacturing process management
    • Quality management
    • Logistics management
    • Traceability management
    • Facility maintenance management
    • Approval process management
    • Annual quality evaluation management
  • POP System
    • Electronic SOP management (weighing, manufacturing, packaging)
    • Production performance management
    • Personnel / facility management
    • Raw material / material management
    • Semi-finished product / work-in-process
    • Carrying Container Management
    • Notice
    • Equipment connection S/W
  • Mobile
    • Raw material / material management
    • Raw Material / Warehouse Management
    • Semi-finished product management
    • Semi-finished product Warehouse Management
  • Monitoring
    • Urgent reports on manufacturing
    • Urgent reports on quality
    • Facility operation
    • Personnel in manufacturing
    • Announcements


  • Compliance with Global GMP

    Reliable management against globalization/advancement of GMP

  • Fulfills Requirements from FDA 21 CFR Part 11/CSV

    Cope with CSV(Computer system validation)

  • Application to Various Product Groups and All Processes

    Tool support for creation and simulation of electronic records and electronic signatures

    Implementation to all manufacturing processes from loading raw material to packaging

    Flexibility against definition and changes in work order

  • Consistency in Data and Flexible Reponses in Field

    Automatic collection of recipe/parameter data from manufacturing facilities

    Prompt response to expanding or redesigning processes/facilities

Hankook Networks –  Good Manufacturing Practice Manufacturing Execution System, air-GMP MES, Compliance with Global GMP
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