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We connect all devices in your plant to provide process optimization
with manufacturing-related information in real time.

Food Manufacturing Management System

HACCP MES is a manufacturing execution system that copes with HACCP (hazard analysis critical control points). By collecting an overall data in real time from work orders to the finished goods and providing a statistical analysis, we support an effective manufacturing activities (order and control) as well as an innovation in the quality of your products to benefit your business.

Hankook Networks – Food Manufacturing Management System, HACCP MES
    • System management
    • Master Data management
    • Connection management of relationship systems
    • HACCP document management
    • Processing quality management
    • Traceability management
    • Manufacturing planning/order management
    • Manufacturing process management
    • Approval process management
    • Efficacy management of manufacturing processes
    • Monitoring management
  • POP System
    • Check log management
    • Quality Management
    • Work in process / inventory management
    • Production performance management
    • Operation / non-operation management
    • Notice / Terminal Settings
    • Equipment data collection management
  • Mobile
    • Total production
    • Production Status
    • Inventory status
    • Shipment Status
    • Notice / Emergency Network
  • Monitoring
    • Urgent reports on manufacturing
    • Urgent reports on quality
    • Facility operation
    • Personnel in manufacturing
    • Announcements


  • Real-time sharing of production work instructions and production performance information reflecting HACCP Standard Process
  • Realization of agreement between manufacture and record
  • Realizes paperless business via the registration and approval functions of electronic documents
  • Ensure consistency of data and eliminate inefficient work elements
  • Ensure efficient quality audit and quality assurance system
Hankook Networks – Food Manufacturing Management System, air-HACCP MES, Real-time Manufacturing performance
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