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Intelligence Logistics

Intelligent Logistics is applicable to a variety of industry and
provides an efficient SCM operating system.

Optimization System

air-WOS is a warehouse optimization system that enables a more intuitive and efficient management of your warehouse by increasing the visibility of warehouse status through 3D graphic system.

Hankook Networks – Warehouse Optimization System, air-WOS
Hankook Networks – Warehouse Optimization System, air-WOS, WMS, IM


  • Provides a visibility for warehouse status through 3D Graphic Simulation
  • Real-time status check linked to various data from Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Offers various KPI factors and comparison/analysis data
  • Reallocates the inventory in the warehouse with an algorithm for simulation-based optimization
  • Provides various simulations factoring in optimization strategies and constraints
  • Features a function for designing a layout compatible for your distribution center
WOS_3D 동영상
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