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Intelligent Logistics is applicable to a variety of industry and
provides an efficient SCM operating system.

Management System

air-OMS is an advanced, multichannel-based order management system that provides an efficient link between order integration/distribution and inventory between customers and SCM.

Hankook Networks –  air-OMS, Order Management System, ERP/3LP/Web, legacy System


  1. 01 Creating/Receiving Orders
    • Receiving orders from shippers (multiple channels, such as Excel, mobile, Fax, etc.)
    • Automatic processing of orders (I/F) through OMS I/F and Excel upload
    • Validation and confirmation of any changes in information
  2. 02 Generate Service Orders
    • Select factors with priority when reprocessing orders
    • Reflect specific details by products and characteristics
    • Reflect the current inventory
  3. 03 Generate Processing Orders
    • Generate processing orders by each chain
    • Automatic calculation based on current status (inventory, etc.)
    • Generate synced orders for TC, cross-docking, etc.
  4. 04 Edit/Confirm Orders
    • Manual edit function
    • Inform of inventory status (out-of-stock)
    • Process user’s confirmation
    • Direct additional orders for linked shipping
  5. 05 Order Status
    • Shipping status for orders by clients
    • Check shipping status by orders for monitoring
    • Monitoring for exceptions


  • Provides current status of the order processing and performance per order
  • Provides order alerts to prevent faulty shipments
  • Processes automatic order classification and converts logistics service orders
  • Provides the 3PL balance and inventory/shipping information per shipper
  • Establishes and manages rules for order segmentation/merger
  • Distributes template-based orders and standardizes data link
  • Uploads data for mass-produced external orders in Excel files
Hankook Networks – Order Tracking, Automatic Classification, Linked Standardization
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