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Intelligent Logistics is applicable to a variety of industry and
provides an efficient SCM operating system.

Optimization System
Bin Loading System

air-BLM is an optimization system that minimizes logistics costs by, on a continuous basis, optimizing and managing any issues related to packaging/loading processes on a supply chain, jointly developed with Dankook University.

Hankook Networks –  Packaging/Loading Optimization System, air-BLM, air-TMS, air-OMS


  • Introduces an optimized simulation engine with independent algorithms
  • Provides various packaging, such as containers, cartons, palettes, etc., in orders, storages, and shipping processes
  • Offers WebGL-based 3D Graphic Viewer function
  • Provides loading simulation through an interface linked with OMS and TMS
  • Provides various analysis on the simulation results
Hankook Networks –  Packaging/Loading Optimization System, air-BLM, Bin Loading System
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