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Intelligent Logistics is applicable to a variety of industry and
provides an efficient SCM operating system.

Management System

air-TMS is a transport management system for planning systematic transportation-schedule and verifying delivery vehicle information in real-time.
It consists of various functions including receiving various purchase orders from customers, converting orders to logistics service and logistics execution orders,
transmitting the orders to each unit system, step-wise monitoring over orders, tracking reference information, managing channels, and more.

Hankook Networks –  air-TMS, Transport Management System


  1. 01 Master Management
    • Products, customers, types of orders
    • Destinations, regions, transportation
    • Conditions, priorities
  2. 02 Order Management
    • Express-order pop-ups / Fill load-up orders
    • Stock distribution (when linked with WMS stock)
    • Restock for out-of-stock PO
    • Management of fill load-ups and priorities
  3. 03 Vehicle Dispatch Simulation
    • Analysis of order quantity
    • Conditions (user defined)
      TitleConditions (user defined)
      • Tonnage capacity and number of vehicles
      • Maximum stops, minimum loading rate
      • Loading rate, loading groups, permitted vehicle type
    • Objective functions(user defined)
      TitleObjective functions
      (user defined)
      • Shipping fee + requested date for deadline + types of order
      • Priorities by transportation carriers, shippers
      • Priorities by routes
  4. 04 Dispatch Confirmation
    • Routes, rates, distance
    • Editing & confirming dispatch schedule
    • Confirmation of dispatch
    • Route simulation
      TitleRoute Simulation
      • Search for toll free
      • Search for the shortest distance
      • Search for freeways

Additional Functions

  • Expected delivery notification via SMS and Delivery information input in a mobile web (to be developed)
  • Loading strategy using accurate loading-rates
    (with implementation of VMS)
  • Estimation of logical transportation costs (fuel, operation, additional costs, etc.)
  • Collaboration or bidding system between shipping companies, manufacturers, and other business partners


  • Generates routing and delivery notes by orders
  • Manages express orders and past unprocessed orders
  • Manages stock allocation and priority of orders by types
  • Establishes integrated/individual transportation schedule for delivery
  • Directs and manages loading/unloading between carriers and warehouse per transportation schedule
  • Calculates the best route based on road map information
  • Tracks deliveries and location of delivery vehicles in real-time per customer
Hankook Networks –  Transport Management System, air-TMS, Transportation schedule
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